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The Essential Guide to Fire Blankets – From Safety Benefits to Emergency Protocols

A fire blanket is a safety tool designed to extinguish small fires. It’s an essential item in any home, workplace, or place of business as it can help to prevent a fire from escalating and save lives. Whether dealing with a kitchen grease or electrical fire, having the right fire safety equipment is crucial for protecting your family and employees. In this article, we will discuss what a fire blanket is and why you should have one in your home, how to use one in an emergency, tips for keeping your family safe when using a fire blanket, the different types of blankets available, and how to store and care for your fire blanket properly.

What Is A Fire Blanket and Why Should You Have One In Your Home?

A fire blanket is a large sheet of material, typically made of fiberglass or other flame-retardant fabric. It’s designed to be quickly draped over small fires to smother the flames and prevent the spread of smoke and heat. Fire blankets are ideal for containing kitchen fires, electrical fires, clothing fires, and more. Using a fire blanket can reduce the risk of severe burns or death due to exposure to heat or flames. Additionally, they can help reduce property damage by controlling the fire before it spreads too far.

How To Use A Fire Blanket In An Emergency Situation

In an emergency involving a small fire, you should first attempt to smother the flames using a fire blanket. First, ensure you have the right size of fire blanket for your situation. If you are dealing with a kitchen grease or electrical fire, use a more oversized fire blanket that is at least 1.8 m x 1.8 m in size. Then, approach the fire from behind and drape the blanket over it quickly, ensuring that all edges come into contact with the floor or base of the fire. Hold it firmly until you can feel the flames have been extinguished completely.


Tips For Keeping Your Family Safe When Using A Fire Blanket

When attempting to extinguish a small fire with a fire blanket, there are some safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Never approach a fire without having the appropriate safety equipment on hand, such as an extinguisher or a fire blanket.
  • Always ensure your family knows the potential danger and how to respond in an emergency.
  • Make sure everyone in your home understands a fire blanket and how to use it correctly.
  • Check the expiration date on your fire blanket regularly and replace any expired blankets immediately.
  • Store the fire blanket in an easily accessible location, such as near the kitchen stove or in a cabinet near the oven.

The Benefits of Having A Fire Blanket In Your Home

Having a fire blanket in your home can offer great peace of mind as it can help keep your family safe in an emergency. It’s also a relatively inexpensive way to protect against fire and smoke damage, as it can smother small fires before they spread quickly. Additionally, having a fire blanket on hand can save time and reduce property damage in a small fire.

The Different Types Of Fire Blankets Available

Fire blankets come in various sizes and materials. Depending on the type of fire you’re dealing with, you may need a larger or thicker blanket than what is commonly used for kitchen fires. Make sure to consult with an expert to determine which type of fire blanket would be best suited for your needs. You should also consider investing in several types of fire blankets, such as one for kitchen fires and one for electrical and clothing fires.

How To Properly Store And Care For Your Fire Blanket

Storing your fire blanket properly is essential to maintain its integrity over time. Ensure the blanket is kept dry and away from direct sunlight or heat sources. Additionally, check the expiration date regularly and replace any expired blankets immediately. Also, check the blanket periodically for signs of wear or damage and replace it if necessary. Finally, keep the fire blanket out of reach of young children, as it can be a choking hazard.


Following these tips, you can ensure your family stays safe when using a fire blanket in an emergency. It’s also important to remember that a fire blanket is not a substitute for professional help, and you should always call the local fire department in case of a more significant fire. With proper care and storage, your fire blanket can be a valuable asset in helping to keep your family safe from harm.

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