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Fire Safety at Home


House fire may have reduced in number in the last few years but still, this number is very high and can not be ignored at all. Not only it is dangerous for property and assets it also has taken many lives. Almost 2500 lives are estimated to taken by house fires every year. And almost $7 billion of property and assets loss is estimated every year. While these figures are not definitive but are very serious and need to think about. The precious lives gone in the fire are lost due to mere ignorance of people which can be avoided with the help of little knowledge and awareness. While many people are aware of what not to do and what to do in such situations but when there is such situation people tend to forget and lose their sensitivity to work accordingly and ends up losing their lives. Before any firefighter to save anyone it’s the duty of the person living in the house where there is fire to save themselves and others present in there. The most important step is to know how to prevent the fire and then how to save and how to do the first aid and how to give essential medical aid. But this is just general discussion, the following discussion will let you know what to do during such situations and how to do it perfectly:-

Amazing Facts About Fire

Before knowing how to prevent fire, one should know “What is Fire.?”


Fire Is Hot

As everyone already knows that fire is hot but it can produce a lot of fire than one can imagine and this heat is more dangerous than the flames itself. The temperature of any room where there is fire can reach up to 100 degrees in few seconds and then can reach to 600 degrees in few more seconds and this heat can melt your clothes and even your skin. So imagine being caught in such heat.

Fire Is Dark

Flames may seem to be of an orange color but the fire will end up into darkness. And the smoke that comes out will also create darkness all around the place.


Fire Is Fast

Never underestimate fire, even a small fire can burn a whole house in just 30 seconds, so when there is fire one should always react very fast. Not only the fire but the smoke generated through it can fill the whole place in few seconds too.

Fire Is Deadly

Fire is very dangerous, the flames not only can burn up the place in few seconds but also can burn up the human body in just a few seconds. Smoke that emits due to fire is so deadly that if someone inhales them they might get killed. And if we believe the facts there are more deaths by inhaling the smoke and deadly gases than the fire itself.

Stats You Can’t Ignore

Fire will not only burn your house but can also burn your clothes and skin in less than 10 seconds.


House Fire takes 3 lives out of 5 and this is the result of negligence.


In only US 7 out of 10 is the result of a house fire.


A survey conducted during 2000-2014 states that 1 house in every 338 households reported a house fire every year. And this may seem to be a small number but statistically, this is a high number.


The fire-prone areas in the house are either kitchen or the bedroom.


In 2015 only firefighters of USA have responded to more than 300,000 fire calls.


And in the same year, the damage to property has been estimated to $7 billion.


Lives lost in that period were calculated to more than 2000.

Tips for Preventing a Residential Fire

Fire can become a disaster in anyone’s life in a few seconds and can ruin their life for forever. Losing a life of a loved one is something no one want to happen in their life, so to avoid any such situations what one can do. They can take precautions to ensure that safety measures have been taken properly. And what are those safety measures, let us see further:-

Install Smoke Detectors

Like having smoke detectors in high rise buildings is compulsory, in some ways it should be a compulsory task for homeowners to check for the fire detectors in the house. If there is none then make it first thing to install in house, and if there are any detectors present beforehand than make sure they are in working condition and are installed properly. Make a note to change their batteries once a year and have them checked regularly and get them changed in every 10 to 12 year. Fire detectors should be there at every floor of the house, in the bedrooms and in kitchen compulsorily and none of them should be disabled as this can result in a disaster. This small instrument can avoid many such accidents and help you save your life as well as your house.


Fire Extinguishers

Even if you are living in a small house or a big house or an apartment or anywhere make sure the place you are living as a fire extinguisher for the time of an emergency. And make sure they are at the place where they are easy to reach. They should be checked regularly too. Most importantly you must know how to use them, and if you don’t know then contact the local or nearby fire department to give you the training regarding how to use the fire extinguisher and be firm to learn it properly because this knowledge can save you and your family from getting into any kind of disaster.


Teach Kids

It is necessary to tell kids about the hazard of fire and how their little curiosity can end up in a big disaster. It is obvious that kids are curious by nature but it is also important to educate them about the problems that can occur if they try to play with something that can result in the fire. More than 100,00 fire every year caused by kids playing with lighters and matches unknowingly. It is necessary to tell them that if they by mistake cause fire than they have to stop using the thing that caused fire and drop it and roll away from it. And the first thing they need to do is call for help and should stay away from the fire as much as they can. They should be aware of firefighters and their work so they don’t hide when they see them.


Plan an Escape

Make sure you and your family is aware of the plan of your house and are well aware of any hidden or back door so that if there is any such emergency they can use it and can save them from getting into any trouble. Be sure of making a through the plan and discuss it with your family with proper and right instructions. And be sure of not just telling them about the plan but also practice it at regular intervals. Fire drills are not just for professionals this should be a regular practice as this will help you in creating a secure and safe environment.


Make sure everything is in working condition

Keep the check of every fire precaution instrument you have installed at home that they are in working condition and if there is any problem in any instrument make it your priority to fix it at first. So that if there is any problem your instruments are at least working so that you don’t have regret it later.


Have a family communication

After everything makes sure everybody knows how to contact the emergency numbers and how to reach to each other and if they get lost where to meet each other so that no one gets lost and stuck in the place where there is fire.

Common Causes of Fire at Home

After everything let’s see what are the actual and common causes of fire at home:-



Fireplace is the most common reason for fires taking place at homes, due to negligence like not checking your fireplace on a regular basis and they should be cleaned every now and then.


Unattended cooking is the most common reason for a house fire and the use of overheated cooking oil is very dangerous. This negligence looks very small but can cause a very big fire and can cause a lot of disasters. Make it a habit to check your cooking place to be sure that everything is off after you are done the cooking.


Portable Space Heater

These are quite handy in the winter season but they are the third most common reason for house fires. It is your responsibility to use them carefully and make sure no flammable item is kept very close to them. And they should be kept at the flat and stable surface so that the chance of any malfunction is lesser and they won’t fall on anything and start a fire.


This habit of people not only have cause health hazard but have resulted in many house fire as people at times forget to turn off their cigarette and that cause the fire. If there is any smoker in your family or friends they smoke in the balcony or in the backyard so that the chances of fire decrease.


Flammable Liquid

Flammable liquids like gasoline, paints, cleaning agents should not be kept near anything which is hot or can cause a fire as these liquids are highly flammable and can catch fire easily. To prevent these items from catching fire is that they should be stored separately and should be kept in dry and dark place so that the chances of fire decrease.

Electrical Appliances

Faulty electric appliance is also a big reason for fires. Faulty appliances cause a short circuit and the wires catch fire very fast and this results in a quickfire which can escalate very fast if the appliance is kept near such items which are highly flammable too. Make sure all the electric appliance at your home are in good condition and if not, don’t use them or fix them as soon as possible.


Children and Pets

Children are curious by nature so are the pets and in their curiosity, they can end up causing fire unknowingly. As kids are not aware of certain hazards so they won’t know what can cause fire and what can be harmful to them. So, make sure not to leave burning candles or any such things unattended in the presence of kids and pets.


While these are just some precautions for many but these simple precautions can save your life and can help you prevent any mishappening and can help you avoid any such event which can be life-threatening. However one can forget such things in the time of stress and tension but if one stays aware then it will be really easy to avoid accidents. And these precautions don’t require any special training or extra efforts this can be done in your daily life.

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