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What is the Difference Between NEBOSH and IOSH Courses ?

NEBOSH, short for the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health, is an autonomous examining and award-giving board, which is recognized across global quarters for its specialization in vocational education pertaining to various matters of concern, such as health, safety, environment protection and risk management. It is a body of an exalted rank for being a guiding mentor of the employers and employees, too, working for various private and public organizations. NEBOSH saw the light of the day in the year 1979, and has since been working tirelessly to promote occupational safety at workplaces.

Individuals, enrolling themselves for the coveted NEBOSH courses, are awarded a diploma certificate after the successful completion. NEBOSH, with its well-curated, broad-based courses, advocates the importance of better and protective environment at workplaces, and aims at giving the crucial lessons on health, safety and risk management to the people. The achievement is something to wear on the sleeves, as it makes the diploma holders one of the most sought-after trainers for the first aid coaching.

The eminence of the NEBOSH courses can be gauged by the fact that around 30,000 candidates from 80 different nations partake in vocational learning. More than 400 courses are organized by NEBOSH to boost the climate at workplaces, which is indeed no mean feat. Organizations like the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management have great regards for NEBOSH, which has been an expansion mode for its safety manoeuvre.

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NEBOSH Qualification

NEBOSH exercises a stronger grip in Britain by stressing on the need of workplace security, not just by doing a lip service, but initiating constructive measures in the particular direction. That’s an endeavor of high praise indeed.

A NEBOSH qualification equips individuals for any untoward situations, be at work places or their homes. The vocational training, a logical and consistent one in its right, provides the sufficient intelligence and understanding of Health and Safety issues, and offers the most pragmatic solutions to deal with the emergency situations like a total pro. This carries a lot of promise for the employers, who want water-tight security on work premises in real earnest. The courses encapsulate all the critical aspects of workplace safety, and that too, not going beyond the legal ceiling.

While the employees with NEBOSH certification establish their proficiency and adeptness in keeping the dangers in control, the employers, encouraging their employees to take up NEBOSH courses, prove that they hold up to the paramount issues of health and safety.

IOSH Qualification

IOSH isn’t as comprehensive and beneficial as NEBOSH. It stands for the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, and was founded in the year 1945. The fact that’s truly impressive is that IOSH maintains a network of 38,000 members, and the numbers are adding up on a daily basis.

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IOSH, in an attempt to hone the skills of the candidates to keep risks at bay, provides a 3-day intensive course, aiming at providing the necessary guidance to deal with any kind of crisis at work. The course is also pivotal in shaping knowledge with reference to health, safety and risk management issues. Besides this, IOSH, in its training sessions, also dwells on the subject of environment and the need of its protection.

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