NEBOSH IGC Open Book Exam Questions & Answers PDF For 2024


Introducing our new NEBOSH IGC Open Book Exam Questions & Answers PDF for 2024! With Covid changing things, NEBOSH now uses open book exams. This PDF is made to help you understand this new style easily.


Inside, you’ll find lots of real-life scenario questions about health, safety, and the environment (HSE). Whether you’re new or experienced, this PDF gives you good practice and tips.


After the open book test, accredited partners will check your work to make sure it’s correct.


Get ready for your NEBOSH IGC exam with our helpful PDF. It’s made carefully to help you succeed and show your HSE knowledge!

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With the onset of Covid, life and education have seen significant changes. NEBOSH, too, has adapted by introducing its open book examination (OBE) process, replacing the traditional paper-based exams. In this new format, candidates face real-life scenario-based questions, providing them with ample opportunities to showcase their health, safety, and environment (HSE) knowledge. Following the open book assessment, accredited partners conduct a closing interview to ensure that the right candidate submitted the documents during the session.

The Nebosh open book exam allows you to take the test from the comfort of your own space. All you need is your own digital device, like a laptop or desktop, and you can even refer to textbooks or study materials to understand the questions better. It’s a convenient and flexible way to demonstrate your expertise in HSE.


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