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A Guide on How to Choose a First Aid Training Organization for a First Aid Certificate

Early in the day, a number of first aid training organizations were required to seek approval from the Health and Safety Executive – a regulatory agency with a responsibility to ensure and advice on maintaining healthy working conditions for employees across UK. However, things took a turn in October ’13 when HSE stopped giving such work permits.

The move was seen in the good light for the employers, who were given a broad leeway to choose their most preferred first aid trainers for the employees. However, some standards were created that meant to be followed while selecting a first aid trainer provider.

Through this post, we are outlining the principles stated in the criteria to select the first aid training provider in UK and other nations.

The Criteria

Mulling over constructing the most conducive environment for your employees, but feels at sea with the selection of a proper, licensed first aid training provider. Guess what, we have got you covered.

There are certain parameters set by the HSE itself, sure to make it convenient for you to zero in on the most pragmatic first aid guidance, and improve the levels of your efficiency at work.

Any first aid training provider, claiming to have received the approval by HSE, must be able to put forth the following bunch of documents pertaining to:

  • Syllabus content of the training;
  • Teaching and standards of first aid practice;
  • Systems in place for monitoring and quality assurance;
  • Qualifications expected of the assessors and trainers;
  • Certification for the First Aid;

The pack of courses by First Aid Training Providers must correspond to the principles of assessment as determined by the HSE. The legitimacy of every course will hinge on the following propositions:

  • Qualifications and competence of first aiders
  • The way training is assessed
  • The way training is delivered
  • Quality assurance systems that are required

As long as the first aid trainers don’t pass the litmus test, their competency will not go unquestioned. For every such trainer, there is an individual set of benchmarks, based on the nature of organization and the needs of the employees.


Once the employer has successfully vetted the candidates, the chosen fitness trainers are responsible for acknowledging the needs of the organization. To this effect, they should try to delve deep into the dynamics of the respective workplace, and map out a strategic training plan that may be based on FAW or EFAW procedures.

While First Aid at Work deals in nature of training that offers first aid to specific illnesses and injuries, Emergency First Aid at Work emphasizes on learning emergency measures that help in solving an urgent situation at work.

Important to Know

The First Aid at Work certification remains valid for a period of three years, after which the trainers are required to enroll in for a new re-qualification certificate. Once the term of certificate elapses, the concerned person loses his/her tag of a legitimate first aid trainer in UK.

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