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Why is CPR Training Important in the Workplace?

Cardiac arrest is one of the most common medical emergency situations in the workplace. The victim can die within minutes if CPR is not performed in time. Every second that goes by with the victim unattended reduces the chances of survival by the time that the emergency medical services team arrives.

Unfortunately, the number of CPR-certified people is well below the recommended ratio in Australia, and many more people don’t have basic first aid training either. According to Canberra based health and safety consultancy Higgins Training Solutions, CPR training is something that every organisation should be trained and equipped for.

Sudden cardiac arrest occurs when the electrical signals of the heart malfunction and the victim’s heart stop beating. As a result, the victim will collapse and stop breathing.

CPR skills are helpful in all situations

CPR training is not only restricted to the workplace. The skills and techniques learned during CPR training can be applied anywhere both inside and outside work. You never know when someone might collapse due to a cardiac arrest or struggle breathing. It could be at home, in a public place or even while you are out on a hike. Knowing CPR gives you the confidence to take charge in any situation and help save a life.

You never know when a person might need CPR

Even if your workplace is equipped with state-of-the-art safety measures, accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. Sudden cardiac arrest can occur without any warning signs and often takes people by surprise. If someone in your workplace suffers from a sudden cardiac arrest, would you know what to do? Would you be able to keep calm and provide the necessary assistance? CPR training can help you be prepared for such an eventuality.

Early intervention is crucial for survival

For every minute that passes without intervention, the chances of survival for the victim reduces by 7-10%. This is why it is so important for people to receive CPR training so they can provide early intervention in case of an emergency. By intervening early, you could be the difference between life and death for someone in need.

Increases the value of employees

The importance of having CPR and first aid certified staff on hand at all times cannot be overstated. In an emergency medical situation, the availability of a CPR-certified safety manager could mean the difference between life and death. Saving the life of a colleague suffering from cardiac emergencies would make that individual indispensable.

Employers are more inclined to hire a first-aid certified individual. Your first-aid certification might help you obtain the next job interview over another candidate who lacks this crucial skill.

Jobs such as security guards, police officers, and lifeguards usually require the person to have a first aid certification. Therefore, if you’re interested in any of these jobs, it would be beneficial for you to take a first aid certification class.

Workplace CPR helps save lives

CPR is a critical first-aid procedure for the survival of cardiac arrest victims. Cardiac arrest victims have a higher chance of survival if CPR is performed on them quickly. However, the majority of people who suffer from cardiac arrest outside of hospitals do not receive CPR.

A workplace CPR certification course provides in-depth knowledge about how and why CPR is effective in saving lives.

A rescue interruption is the most serious type of emergency. When a situation occurs that, if not handled correctly, might result in bodily harm or death to persons or property, you must immediately respond and take action. The best approach entails high-quality CPR that achieves the goal of the whole procedure: keeping the victim alive. It’s important for safety managers in businesses to receive training on how to effectively do CPR since it’s a requirement for performing it well. Everyone expects the safety manager to give timely emergency care whenever a health issue arises.

Lowers the number of workplace accidents

Workplace accidents are often preventable, and online first aid courses provide the skills necessary to do so. These life-saving courses cover how most accidents happen and how we can take measures to ensure safety in our environment. Not only are accidents at the workplace costly to the organisation, particularly when lawsuits arise, but health emergencies can severely damage the image and reputation of the company.

Employees are more at ease when they work in a secure setting. The role of the safety manager is to ensure that the workplace environment is safe and free of health risks.

Employees are more relaxed and productive in a safe working environment since they don’t have to live in constant fear of getting hurt. The company may hire a new and even more qualified staff, increasing overall productivity as soon as the necessary precautions are implemented.


CPR and first aid training are essential skills that everyone should have. They can help you save a life in an emergency situation. First-aid certified individuals often have an advantage when it comes to finding employment. Workplace CPR certification courses provide the necessary knowledge to keep employees safe and lower the number of workplace accidents. When businesses take measures to ensure the safety of their employees, both the company and its workers benefit.

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