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Early signs of alcohol / drug abuse

Alcohols are not made only to be consumed but they have many industrial importance. Also, the other drugs if one thinks rationally will take and let it influence you in a way that the person feels it does not affect his/her body negatively.

Although in the world nowadays apart from elite socializing parties or get to gathers where it is taken in balanced amount, alcohol is consumed in a way which affects negatively the person and society as a whole. People when feel isolated or think that they could not achieved what they desired for in life they take alcohol or any other drug as a companion. People try it when in stress, anxiety, emotionally or mentally upset or when the players want to improve their performance (which is illegal in some cases).
Alcohol or drugs usually become a sign of dependence. People become dependent on it as they feel it is a ray of their relaxation or relief. However, it has long and short term negative effects. Children’s develop the habit of alcohol intake usually after watching and interpreting the actions of their parents or idols doing so. Most of them have their own idols whose actions and word strongly influences the child and they consider it to be correct even if that portrays high drug/alcohol consumption. Furthermore, if in their life they lose a job or become helpless, have problems in their relationships or in studies they don’t hesitate to grab it. Families who have such history are likely to depend on such drugs all their life. Unless strong assistance is acquired by support groups and rehabilitation centre’s.

College or high school students when partying have a usual trend of beers or wines intake. Individuals of such age also are faced with peer pressure; often by their friends pressurize them to give it a try, taking it as a sign of ‘coolness’. Further in their life if they become or remained unemployed, or are victims of bullying and cannot seek help from an elder, developing a sense of fear, hatred and being a loser, depends on drugs and alcohol as their companion as it brings about a feeling of relief and in control though it is completely the opposite in reality.
The most common early signs are that a person could not make appropriate decisions in life. Experiences memory loss and slightly becomes impaired visually or in any other way. Also, blood vomit, stomach disturbances, being hyper active, deteriorating in personal grooming and hygiene are the main signs of high intake of drugs. Some drugs results in high alertness while others lead to sleepiness and develops a strong sense of relaxation on the mind, decreasing mental capability.

People consume drugs in order to be in control, relaxed, and feel free like marijuana and consider it a natural medicine as it is made of wheat. Some consider it as their medicating therapy and when they d not consume it, they feel incomplete and scared as in reality their mind become more aware of life itself. Drinking heavily in months and days alcohol destroys the liver system as the level of enzymes go up which deteriorate the tolerance level of it and requires more. This is the reason people crave for it more.

One should think that it is not the road to recovery rather an abuse to oneself!

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