Permit To Work Training Online Course


Permit To Work Training program is an online mode certificate course designed specifically for safety professionals, supervisors, employees and contractors who are responsible for implementing or maintaining permit to work systems at workplace. This comprehensive course covers all aspects of safe working practices under permits as well as how to develop effective permit-to-work procedures.


What is a permit to work system?
A permit to work system is a systematic process that helps ensure the safety of workers at your workplace for highly dangerous activities. It consists of various elements, including procedures for checking that permits are completed and signed by authorized people, designated areas for completing and storing permits, and audits when a job begins and ends.


The advantages of having a permit to work system include increased safety for workers, improved compliance with regulatory requirements, and better documentation of workplace activities. A well-designed permit to work system will help ensure that all necessary steps are taken to protect workers when they are working in potentially hazardous situations.
Who can take this course?
Why should I have Permit to Work (PTW) Certification?
Having a Permit to Work (PTW) certification offers safety expertise, compliance assurance, career advancement opportunities, improved work processes, confidence in handling risks, and continuous personal development. Our certification course is designed by highly experienced trainers and educators who have great achievements in the field of Health and safety.


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