Forklift Operator Training

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Forklift Operator Training

Forklift Certification and operator training course covers the hazards associated with forklift operation for forklift operator and other people (Sometimes forklifts are also called fork lift truck). In this forklift operator training course hazards are reviewed including forklift equipment, material, environmental and process hazards.

Our forklift certification and online training course makes the drivers and operators aware of risk and hazards associated with forklift or lift truck, legal responsibilities of forklift operator and provides the required knowledge to become the competent forklift / lift truck operator.

At the end of the training Forklift operator certificate will be issued and that must be dully signed by a competent individual verifying that you have received the hands-on practical and your knowledge evaluation has been completed within your facility.

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*Only server maintenance cost $10 is payable for online safety training course.

Job responsibilities for forklift operator

A certified forklift operator is responsible for transporting the goods inside the working premises i.e. loading and unloading the material from lorries, ships, or aircraft; transporting goods around the warehouse; stacking goods in bays; and on the top the forklift operator is responsible to follow forklift operational safety regulations and other health and safety instructions.

After completion of forklift certification the operator/driver will be eligible to transporting the material and/or industrial equipments in industrial settings. There are various industries to explore job opportunities as forklift driver or forklift operator including manufacturing, construction, Oil and Gas, food services, engineering services, warehouses, general stores and many more. Although the basic responsibility of forklift operator is to move and place goods from one place to another, the operator may also be required to perform relevant other processing tasks.

The operator must be able to proficiently operate a forklift (raising or lowering, safely operation between start and end-destination) while adhering to proper procedures, guidelines, and regulations for its safe operation.

Skills required for good forklift operator or forklift driver

  • Certification in forklift operation (forklift certification)
  • Practical forklift training attested by a well experienced, certified and valid forklift licence holder
  • Valid forklift licence
  • Forklift course completion certificate
  • Record keeping skills for stock control

Career path for forklift operator

With experience a forklift operator or forklift driver could become a warehouse supervisor or warehouse manager. With further forklift training you could get chance to work as forklift instructor or forklift maintenance engineer.

Forklift operator salary

For fresher: $25000 to $28000
For experienced: $28000 to $50000

Warehouse forklift hazards

Warehouse forklift hazards

Learning outcomes :

At the end of Forklift operator training the trainees will be able to demonstrate the knowledge and understanding of the topics through application of knowledge to familiar and unfamiliar forklift operation situations. In particular they should be able to:

  • Demonstrate the fundamental factors of forklift;
  • Outline the responsibility to operate the forklift safely;
  • Describe the national and international rules, regulations and standards related to forklift operation;
  • Demonstrate the risk and hazards related to forklift operation;
  • Control the risk factors, reduce hazards and site related issues;
  • Outline the pre-operation procedures;
  • forklift maintenance and servicing procedures;
  • Demonstrate the safe operation guidelines.

Who should attend:

All employees who have the basic knowledge of forklift / lift truck operation and who have responsibility to operate forklift safely.

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