Risk Assessment

Key learning points – Risk Assessment: All about risk assessment. Definitions of the terms ‘hazard’, ‘hazardous event’ and ‘risk’. Definition of the term ‘risk assessment’. Definition of the terms ‘likelihood’ and ‘consequence’. Risk assessment process and risk rating systems. The benefits of carrying out risk assessment. What is Hazard? Anything that has the potential to cause harm.… Read More »

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a First Aid Training Course Provider

Employees can be some of the most vulnerable citizens if their respective employers are lukewarm to the idea of security. And, the way the workforce often finds it difficult to speak about their need of security is something that only aggravates the situation. So, in turn, employers, as moral agents, should themselves prove up to… Read More »

First Aid Courses Can Save Lives at the Workplace

Life is a tad moody. Isn’t it? Though happiness and sadness are equally distributed, nothing is anticipated. Nothing is unforeseeable. Everyone has his/her canvass, painted with the most exuberant hues, and the darkest blues. The occurrence and magnitude of incidents can never be predicted. And, no line of defense can make a difference. However, it’s… Read More »

A Guide on How to Choose a First Aid Training Organization for a First Aid Certificate

Early in the day, a number of first aid training organizations were required to seek approval from the Health and Safety Executive – a regulatory agency with a responsibility to ensure and advice on maintaining healthy working conditions for employees across UK. However, things took a turn in October ’13 when HSE stopped giving such… Read More »