Confined Space Safety

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This course we will look at the basic principal of Confined Space Entry. The hazards it present in the workplace and the main measures that should be taken to minimize those hazards and the considered measures for the prevention at Confined Space and for the safe evacuation of premises.

This course was developed using the OSHA Manual 29 CFR Confined Space entry Requirements and regulation to protecting the people in Confined Space. In addition to the topics outlined below, this course also covers the proper use of, and various types of Confined Space related equipment, proper storage of flammables, combustibles and liquefied petroleum gases.

Course Content

Section 1 Confined Space Safety Overview

  • Basic principles & Classification of Confined Space
  • Classification of hazards in Confined Space
  • Source of Dangerous Substance
  • OSHA Manual 29CFR Confined Space Entry Requirements.


Section 2 Basic Requirement for Confined Space Entry

  • Risk Assessment
  • DSTI (Daily Safety Task Instruction)
  • PTW (Permit to Work)
  • Entry & Exit Checklist
  • Hazards Control & Monitoring
  • Safety Equipment & PPE


Section 3 Emergency & Evacuation

  • Preventive Structure Measures
  • Emergency Evacuation and Warning
  • Emergency Drill


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